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Cleaning and Remedies for dry hands.

It was sad to see how we have kicked off our new year with more COVID restrictions... I just hope we can have a 'normal' summer when our children can enjoy breathing fresh air without a mask. Nevertheless, if you have been cleaning non stop like us, here are some tips for cleaning and dry hands from all the cleaning and sanitizing we have been doing:

1) colour code your cleaning towels (floor, table, kitchen, etc). We recommend single-use paper towels for toilets and bathrooms.

2) sanitize your towels regularly and as needed (daily is best and do not 'double-dip').

3) recommend use of spray bottle over bucket.

4) make sure you are using the proper ratio of chemicals for cleaning.

5) work from low-touch to high-touch surfaces; cleaner areas to dirtier areas; and top to bottom.

6) rinse the surface if needed (some people might have sensitive skin).

7) remember your cleaning equipment also needs cleaning.

8) always wash hands with water and soap instead of hand sanitizer whenever possible (hand sanitizer dries out your skin).

9) glove, glove and glove! (wash hands before and after using glove)

10) put a bottle of lotion next to your sinks (so you can always put some on).

11) use coconut oil or cream for dry hand

12) for extremely dry hands, use moisturizing face mask (yes!) on your hands over night or put a glove on for 15-20 minutes.

13) for hand so dry that has cracks and bleeds... wash hands with soap and water, put plenty of vitamin E or polysporin® antibiotic cream on the wound, cover with bandage and sleep on it. Repeat for two nights.

If you have any tips, please share! We love to hear from you!

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