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December Newsletter

Parents! We have finally made it to the end of the year and almost 2 years since COVID paralyzed our city. Knock on wood, though we had two closed calls earlier this year, we are able to provide the children with a COVID-free environment, much thanks to your partnership and cooperation. We are equally appreciative at your understanding of the restrictions, guidelines and procedures we must follow as we enter into the flu season.

Like everyone, with the new COVID restrictions we are finally able to look forward to gatherings with our families and loved ones over this holiday to celebrate the end of the year. We ask all families to be extra cautious though the City relaxes it COVID guidelines and introducing vaccination for children 5 years old and up. Please understand that because many flu symptoms is very similar to COVID symptoms and we would like to avoid your busy life be interrupted by keeping your child at home, rushing to get the COVID test and its result during this holidays.

Maybe it is the cold or the snow but there is always something magical about the winter holiday that the children love so much. It is also a special time for the family to get together to create new life-long memories with their love ones. Though sometimes the children don’t know how to communicate or express their needs or feelings through, please keep in mind that our busy holiday schedules, social gatherings and family functions have a major impact on the children’s overall well-being. For example, their daily routine is interrupted which includes their rest and sleep patterns, diets and experiencing those ‘crash and burn’ from the excitements and pampering from relatives and friends.

We suggest you to communicate clearly with your child what your plan and intension are for the day or the next as well as how long you intend to stay if you are visiting someone. We would also like to ask parents to inform us (by emails or via HiMama) if they will be travelling outside the province or the country as the teachers in the classroom would like to prepare and implement activities that are relevant to what your family will be doing, for examples, road trips or air travels. We would like to support you by minimize those unwanted ‘melt-downs’ so those wonderful memories can be created.

Thank you very much and we wish everyone a festive holiday this year.

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