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Let's create a COVID free environment!

We have received a memo that confirms licensed daycare centres will be opening on June 12, 2020 (June 15 for Little Giants).

Many Torontoians have mix emotions about this opening and we totally understand. After speaking to many parents and feedback from the staff, we have come to the conclusion that we will be taking all extra precautions and ask all returning children to wear a facial mask throughout the day - in exception for meals, snacks and naps. The facial mask can be one use or reusable (as long as it is sanitized daily). Parents will continue to do pick up and drop off at the front door and all children are required to wash their hands upon arrival. The reason why we come to this conclusion is because COVID-19 is treated as a serious outbreak which requires 2-weeks closure and 2 weeks quarantine for all families staff. We do not want to jeopardize nor inconvenient any family. It is a big transition but it is necessary for the well-being of all our families (children and staff). Thank you for your understanding.

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