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Nurture the Love of Reading

There are two types of children when it comes to reading. Love it or hate it. If your child naturally loves reading then you can stop here.

Now that I am only talking to parents who struggle to get their children to sit long enough to read a book from front to back instead of flipping through the pages mindlessly before declaring, "I am done reading!" I am very excited to let you know that help is here. Reading time will no longer sound like 'jail time.'

If you don't know yet, here are Read-Along Videos, eBooks, and Picture Books Come To Life available in Toronto Public Library at However, you do need a library card and there are a lot of hold on these books.

If you don't have the patience like me, I recommend trying:,, and These website has 30 days free trails (Hopefully our stay home order would end by then). 😁Before you decide to spend money for a membership in those site, you might also want to check out where you can find a lot of children books read by adults for free. It is not as fancy but it does the job.

Enjoy! Hope this will help to keep your child busy!

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