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Staying Healthy during the COVID-19

Hi everyone! Since the mandatory closure on the daycare centre, I have been stretched out of my comfort zone in finding new ways to connect with my children and their families. I hope everyone is doing well - mentally and physically.

Please don't ever feel that you didn't do enough for your child. You do not need to engage them 24/7. It is okay to have a little bit of 'me' time - especially when your child still naps (please rest during this time!). Even teachers like us, need a break to recharge and re-energize throughout our day so we don't lose our cool. Stop comparing what other parents are doing for their children because some will just make you look bad - REAL bad. I trust me, I have one of those friends also.

The point I am trying to make is that though it is important to simulate, and educate your child it is equally important to let them have their own space while you have yours. Learning comes in many ways. It is important to teach a child how to respect your space and how to play by themselves independently WITHOUT adult's constant engagement. Remember there is a difference between supervised and neglect. It is important to check on your child every now and then to affirm that they are doing great at keeping themselves busy vs. neglecting their well being. In another word, they are fed, cleaned and well but just a little bored and NEEDS your attention - leave them be. No one is dying so go relax for another 15 mins. BOREDOM SPARKS CREATIVITY. Go ahead and let your child be bored for an hour or two. It is healthy for them.

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