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We stand for inclusion

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Little Giants firmly believes in and stands strongly on the practice of inclusion. Every child, regardless of their exceptionalities, shall be able to participate in and experience the same environment or setting as their peers. The children in turn will learn acceptance, kindness and empathy toward others - that each person has unique abilities. Though we are all different in many way, we also have many things in common. To help nurture the environment for inclusion and create opportunities for conversations, we have welcome three beautiful goldfishes into our centre. One has both eyes while the other two goldfishes only has one. Our stories is that one of the fishes was born without an eye while the other lost its eye due to an accident when it was young. Instead of focusing on why, we emphasize on how they are very much same and what they have in common.

There is a place for everyone in this world regardless of their exceptionalities. We are committed to help children to widen their visions and gain new perspectives at an early age that would influence them for the rest of their lives. We need more people who care about others in this world.

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