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WInter is coming!!!

Winter is coming and it mean it’s time to get cozy in our sweater, winter coats, hats and gloves again! Here are some recommendation to get ready for winter and the colder months in Toronto so you child can enjoy the outdoor activity with their peers and us:

· snow pant (for temperature below 0)

· snow boots

· snow gloves

· mitts (don’t be confused with snow gloves)

· snow jackets

· neck warmer (not scarf)

· hat

Please understand it is very important for us to nurture a healthy lifestyle for young children as it is proven to have a lifelong impact on children and it includes moderate daily gross motor activities. The colder weather can be fairly long in Toronto (from November until end of March) and we ask parents to check the weather daily and dress their children accordingly to the weather of the day. If your child is unwell to participate in outdoor activities, please notify the office or keep your child home during their outdoor period.

Here are some conditions warranting indoor gross motor play during the colder months:

1) Rain, thunderstorms, lighting, hail, extreme winds and extreme cold.

2) when temperature and /or wind-chill factor indicates -10c or lower

For temperature and/or wind-chill factor indicates -5c to -10c, outdoor gross motor play will be reduced. Please noted that our part time programs may not participate in outdoor gross motor activities during the colder months.

For daycare, we remain out room temperature at 23c. We recommended children dress a thin layer in the room as well as an extra sweater if needed. The staffs in the room will monitor them to make sure all the children are not getting too warm or too cold. At Little Giants, our goal is to keep your children comfortable and safe – no matter what the weather. While the winter weather may keep us indoor more than we’d like, we still find ways to explore the great indoors and keep your child active throughout the day.

As a reminder, this year's winter holiday falls on a Saturday and Sunday (December 25th and 26th ), and because of so, we wish to inform parents that we have decided to closed on Friday, December 24th and Monday , December 27th . We will be open again - full day - on Tuesday, December 28th , half day on Friday, December 31st from 7:30AM to 12:30PM and closing on Monday, January 3rd , 2021.We will be open again – full day- on Tuesday, January 4th. While we all wish to celebrate our winter holidays with our loved ones, please remember to use caution and try to stay safe ( COVID free) as much as possible.

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