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Morning 'see-me-play' Playgroup

Mondays-Fridays:AM: 9a.m. to 12p.m.

This program is design for children of all ages with or without exceptionalities. This program requires the attendance of one parent or guardian.


Every child learns differently. As early childhood educators we understand and are knowledgeable on how to deliver information and knowledge in a way the children can understand and apply. We are also experience in working with children with various exceptionalities. 


The goals for this program is for parents to connect with other parents, learn about the developmental path of children, set realistic, reachable goals and to develop strategies their child to reach. Most importantly, we support parents and offer different guidance techniques and tools for them in guiding their child(ren) while valuing the their unique personalities and respecting their individualities.


*Except on TDSB PA days; summer, winter and spring breaks.

  Located over at Fairview Mall, next to the T&T entrance.

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