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How are we different than babysitters?

We are early childhood educators and we have never sat on a baby! We have in depth understanding of children's development and knowledgable in different strategies and techniques on guiding and nurturing children. We work hard to support children, families and serve our community. Most importantly, we are committed and abide to our professional standards and codes of ethnics from College of Early Childhood Educators. We take our work seriously.

How to prepare a child for daycare?

It varies from child to child. However, it is always best to introduce your child to different people and new environments a few months prior to enrolment so they would be more adaptable to changes. We will also provide you with some suggestions once we get a chance to meet the family.

How to transition a child into daycare?

Each child is different. You can do gradual or 'cold-turkey.' From our experience, either way, it takes children 2-4 weeks to get use to a new routine and be comfortable with their classroom. Bringing a familar object from home is recommended.  

Will my child miss me?

Of course your child will miss you. Parents are irreplaceable! However, once your child is adjusted into their classroom, they are having fun playing and making friends all day... parents are not really on their mind untill it is time for pick up. We do ask parents to not feel guilty about the time missed and give in to their demands. When parents do that children will learn that there are two systems. It is very important for parents and teachers to team up as partners and be consistent with child guidance. 


Will my child get sick more often after going to daycare?

Though we follow proper sanitary practices and procedures, getting sick is unavoidable because the children are exposed to many different things throughout their day. However, we have to remember that this is how children's immune system gets developed. We always advice parents to dress children in weather appropriate clothing (not too hot, not too cold) and make sure your child has enough sleep and eats a balanced diet.

Scratches and bruises?

There are a few reasons: 1) Children are growing at a rapid rate which affects their eye-body coordination so some scratches and bruises are unavoidable as their body is making adjustments. We would also monitor these children closely to determine if vision assessment is needed. 2) Children are naturally curious and we encourage it because it is how they learn. We allow children to push their limits within reasons. 3) There are times children act out of frustration and to avoid this, we ask parents to check their child's nails weekly and trim them if needed while we work on behaviour management with the children involved.

How does group care works?

In a daycare centre our ratio is 1:3 (infant), 1:5 (toddler) and 1:8 (preschooler). Though we do provide children with individual attention throughout the day, we are unable to provide 1:1 care unless a child has exceptionalities and requires additional support (professional therapist). Our goal is to promote and nurture social, emotional and self-help development in order for children to successfully transition into their next phrase in life. We also teach children practical daily living skills and we encourage them to put these skills to use daily.


I can monitor my child through CCTV?

Unfortunately we are not planning to provide parents access to our CCTV because it can distract parents from their work and situations can be easily misinterpreted. All our educators are qualified teachers and we always put children's best interest first and our director also does daily checks to ensure all policies and procedures are being followed in the centre. Mostly importantly we also want 

to provide a comfortable working environment for our staff so they can focus on their work and not worry about if they would look good on the camera.

Is subsidies available?

Unfortunately at this current time, we do not have spots available for subsidies. However, we do practice inclusion and we welcome families from all walks of life to join us. If there is any changes on our subsidy availability, we will notify the families on our waitlist who are qualified for the government subsidy program.

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