It is an honour that many parents entrusted their children in our care. It is a job we never taken lightly. The children's achievement in reaching their milestones and potentials would not be possible without the partnership of the parents. Though it is a testimony page, it is more a thank you page to all our Little Giants parents - Thank you for working with us and trusting us in guiding your child. 

My daughter was 10 months old when she started going to Arnica. Right from day one Arnica and her team were above and beyond my expectations. My daughter used to feel sad on weekends as she wanted to spend all 7 days in the daycare. I am so thankful to Arnica for her emphasis on discipline both for personality and academic development of kids. When my daughter started her kindergarten, she was ahead both emotionally and academically in her class. Very thankful to the dedicated team. My daughter is almost 7 now and we have moved houses, but she still wants to meet Arnica often. As a parent words fail to express my gratitude to this wonderful team of Little Giants Childcare who took such good care of my daughter.


-Priti Dubey

I started my kids in July 2018, and words will not be enough to describe how happy and how my kids are really loving everything about you and your team, My little one went from not being social, not talking or eating, to being 100% opposite. My older loves spending time with you and the team. My girl became great in math, and science thanks to you and your staff. it's a blessing having you in our life, I am competently stress free, and happy with every minutes my kids are in your care. I have seen so much improvements in my kids, so for that, and for much more, I want to thank you, Ashikta, Marry and Pamela, you guys are 100% great and professional, and a lot of knowledge.


-Saddika Kechroud

While looking for a daycare for my son, I wanted to ensure that the supervision extended beyond basic childcare. Little Giants, run by Arnica and her team, exceeded all of my expectations and quickly became my child’s second home. Little Giants ensures that’s every day is filled with learning, challenges and surprises through the rich and varied programs and activities. Anirca has taken care of my son from the age of 20 months until he was 4 years old on a full-time basis and still occasionally today. Even after all this time, she always manages to come up with new and exciting activities such as trips to museum or various crafting projects. Arnica has created an environment which gives the children a sense of security and comfort with her generous, patient spirit and the dedication she has towards the children. My son is now 8 years old, I feel very lucky that my family’s path crossed that of Arnica and I am grateful for the positive impact she had in child’s growth and development.

-Chahrazed M.

***Highly Impressed with the excellent services Little Giants is providing for my kid !!! I am so thankful to them for taking such good of care of my child. This daycare is not a daycare its like a second home to my kid because she loves being there with her lovely and supportive teachers like Arnica, Dorris, Mary and Pauline. Super friendly ways to learn and enjoy her day. They are brilliant people full of love and care. Just because of this staff I have been so relaxed at my workplace and could completely concentrate on my work thinking my child is in safe hands when away from us. Each day their management is making positive and professional changes. I don't believe how some people have written such bad reviews. Little Giants is the best in Don mills area. I wish them best luck as they are growing and I am sure they will be among top best daycares in Toronto very soon. You guys Rock!!! Keep being as amazing as you are.

-Vandana Gohil  (fr. Google)

Speechless experience. I love each and single staff of the daycare as my daughter is big fan of them and so we. Arnica and her team are outstanding. My daughter never feels as she is away from us for whole day just because she is pampered to that extent their. Earlier I have a horrific experience also with one daycare and at one point I was prepared myself to resign from job and take care of my daughter but at the same point God let me met Arnica and her team.. Now I am blessed to have such a team who take care of my daughter...Thanks each and every one.

-Namrata Jha (fr. Google)

We would absolutely recommend this daycare to all the parents out there. We were so fortunate to have such wonderful teachers and staff taking care of our little girl. She used to cry everyday going to her previous daycare, and that continued for a year and half. Finally we were able to switch her to Little Giants and the crying stopped right away. She would happily run into her classroom to join her friends and teachers. There was no more drama at drop off! Arnica is amazing and super dedicated while Doris is fun and caring. They do math, science, language and music everyday. I love having the reports and photo updates throughout the day with the HiMama App. The new centre is bright and airy, and in the summer time the kids have such a great time enjoying the outdoors such as making dandelions crowns, rolling on the grass, picnicking, and taking walks in the rain with their rain boots and umbrella (weather permitting of course.) They would go on mini trips to Riverdale Farm, splash pads... etc. I couldn't be happier with the facility and the staff. High recommended.

-Rachel Lin (fr. Google)

We love Little Giants! My son attended Little Giants from 10 months to JK. Arnica and all of the staff were so caring, considerate and attentive to his needs. I barely had to potty train, since they saw he was ready and started the routine! He was perfectly ready for JK, as he had been well socialised, accustomed to a structured day and a good routine of learning through workbooks. We hugely recommend!

-Sarah Ward (fr. Google)

We are sorry that we were not able to display all our parent's lovely testimonies on here. We sincerely want to thank everyone for your daily feedback in helping us do our job better. Without your help, support and partnership we would not be able to excel in our field. Thank you!

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Every child is a different kind of flower and all together, make this world a beautiful garden.