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Parenting Service:


Ever feel like you have to shout, use threats and bribery in order to get your child to do something you have asked for? Everyday seems like a power struggle and you are on the losing end. You eventually give in to their demands in exchange for some peace and you are hoping that it is 'just a phrase' and they will 'grow out of it'. Unfortunately, many unwanted behaviours would not just disappear as a child gets older. They simply get covered up by other challenges which get harder to tackle later on.

   We help parents to:
  • identify if the behaviour is inline with their     developmental path,
  • understand different parenting styles and the pros and cons for each,
  • be familiar with techniques in handling conflicts with a child,
  • set realistic expectations,
  • develop reachable goals,
  • understand their legal limits and obligations, and
  • arrange referrals and make recommendation for professional assessments if needed.
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